The Terror Files #1 The Virtual Ghost J. X. Avern. Illustrations by Xavier Bonet. Ages 9+
192 pages. B/W.
Genre: Horror, Humor, Mystery.
Rights sold: Spanish (Bruño), Korean (Pulbit)
ISBN: 9788469622971
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Shortlisted in the Honour List elaborated by the OEPLI ? Organización Española para el libro Infantil y Juvenil (IBBY of Spain), 2018

For years, J.X. Avern has been investigating the paranormal mysteries of today.
Dare to explore his terrifying Terror Files.

Kiko is a twelve year old boy who enjoys being mean to others-especially Marta, the chubby girl of his class. He's a troll on the internet and a bully at school, but everything changes when a lightning bolt strikes his house one night and his cell phone starts to shine... and something evil emerges from inside it.
The fake personality that Kiko created online has come to life and is willing to do everything its owner pretended to do... but it has another plan as well: to replace Kiko in the real world, not just online.
Kiko will have to join forces with Marta, the girl he bullied, in order to defeat the virtual ghost that wants to replace him.

You'll never sleep beside your cell phone again.
  • Horror stories for the millennial generation.
  • Lots of middle grade fears with a dose of humor.
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